Domestic Violence Prevention -(DVP)

(KBWM)-Dallas – Is committed to empowering victims of Domestic Violence, and Prevention Awareness to young teen girls. We do not provide shelter for victims of (DV). If you are in a domestic violence relationship and you need help, we recommend that you contact the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Hotline. (NCADV) at 1-800-799-7233.


We Educate-As a training ministry, our innovative approach educates young teen girls and women through awareness. Our goal in domestic violence, is to break cycles of Psychological Abuse through prevention.


We Empower-We train women and young teen girls how to discover their true identity, which causes them to design/rebuild their lives according to their purpose and self-worth through Christ. Our  holistic approach empowers women from all cultures, and backgrounds from the inside out. This empowerment brings emotional healing, and wholeness.


We Encourage-Women to rebuild their life through education, and personal development leading to independence from repercussions of Domestic Violence, by rebuilding self-esteem. We rebuild women, and young teen girls self-esteem by inspiring them to dream again with a transformed mindset, that allows them to build their lives from a victor’s perspective.  We believe women were created by God to be loved, not abused.

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Psalm 139:14 says “I will praise thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”