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  7. Joyeux Noël à toi Babillages, moi j’ai eu le cadeau qui était sur ma wishlist (déjà ça fait plaisir), ma montre collier de chez Mango … elle est sublime … magnifique … en argent … je l’aime d’amour !!! Et toi ?

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  10. SBNT Thanh Toan used to be a hard-core anti communist; after a few trips to Vietnam and few visits to the whore hotels, he is now an enlightened commie.SBTN manager will have to cut him out, too.

  11. I think it’s okay to airbrush photos because realistically speaking, we’re seeing them in magazines and advertisements where we want an idealized version of ourselves. The “real women” campaigns should stick with naturals, yes, but I like to think of models as canvases as opposed to role models.I like the idea of a disclaimer. Even in small text I think it would really provoke a change in social attitudes 🙂

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  45. January 11, 2017

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  46. January 11, 2017

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  47. i really ejnoyed the first one as well. you combine fog and trees and things become mist ical. no seriously though i love parallel worlds in photographs and in the picture the two roads despite being the same road go to completely different places giving the viewer a sense of wonder and adventure. compositionally the separation is spot on. nice picture.

  48. and we are endowed with “UNalienable” rights, not “inalienable”. There is, I am told, a HUGE difference in the meanings of those two words. I posit that we should all consider a ‘root’ within: “lien”. Ponder what that is and you will see why “unalienable” was chosen [I do not know if the other word was even in use at the time]. As in: “no one may levy or enforce a lien against” rights.

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  68. A while back I read a history of the US Army’s battle with the Muslim insurgency way back when the Philippines was a US Colony. Attempts at offering aid and ‘carrot’ approaches failed miserably. The insurgency was only quelled when the Army committed to total war, inflicting horrible casualties on the insurgents. It became a “submit or die” situation… and the insurgents chose the former.Given the radicalization of the Muslim population (thanks to Saudi money funding Madrasahs) an iron handed approach (kill as many of the enemy as possible, regardless of collateral damage) might be the only answer.

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  74. Carla, Huppert is indeed diminutive — I remember bumping into her in, of all places, the loo in a Parisian cinema running a restored copy of Visconti's Ludwig. She was so much shorter than me I almost didn't see her! As for Emmanuelle Alt, she's been helming Vogue France now for a year.

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  96. Marley and Me is not about a dog dying! It’s about a dog living, and yet life takes its course and the dog dies but the movie is not about the dying; its about the living.

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